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pdf.png Nickel-Iron recovery Download
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This all but forgotten technology has a very important place to occupy with users that desire very long life and the ability to suffer abuse in their battery systems

This paper is going to look at real life aged 80+ year old Nickel-Iron cells that are still functional and will explain the simple recovery techniques that were documented in an original Edison Alkaline Storage Battery brochure from the 1920’s.

pdf.png Eigenschaften einer Nickel Eisen Batterie Download
Language  GermanAuthor Microtherm

Dieser Bericht beschreibt die Ergebnisse einer umfangreichen Messreihe von Lade- und Entladezyklen an einer Nickel-Eisen-Batterie (NiFe-Batterie) des Typs Changhong NF-S.

pdf.png Nickel-iron battery (NiFe battery) Download
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The nickel-iron battery (NiFe battery) is a storage battery having a nickel(III) oxide-hydroxide cathode and an iron anode, with an electrolyte of potassium hydroxide. The active materials are held in nickel-plated steel tubes or perforated pockets. The nominal cell voltage is 1.2V.

pdf.png Die Nickel-Eisen Solar Batterie von Changhong Download
Language  GermanAuthor Microtherm

Wegen der hohen Zuverlässigkeit, der langen Lebensdauer, der niedrigen Energiekosten, der Umweltfreundlichkeit und anderer guter Eigenschaften sind Nickel-Eisen-Batterien in vielen Anwendungen eine gute Alternative zu Blei-Säure-Batterien, speziell in Stromversorgungen mit alternativen Energiequellen. Changhong ist ein großer Hersteller von Batterien, der sich auf die NiFe und NiCd-Batterien spezialisiert hat. Die Nickel-Eisen-Batterien werden seit fast 30 Jahren mit von der VARTA übernommenen Produktionsmitteln von Changhong hergestellt.

pdf.png Changhong brochure Download
Language  EnglishAuthor Changhong
pdf.png Edison brochure Download
Language  EnglishAuthor Edison

Originele Edison bruchure

pdf.png A sealed, starved-electrolyte nickel–iron battery Download
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A sealed, starved-electrolyte, negative-limited 6 V/1 Ah laboratory prototype of a nickel–iron (Ni–Fe) battery comprising five cells stacked in series with ceria-supported platinum as hydrogen–oxygen recombinant catalyst was assembled. The battery was tested under various operational conditions. While a continuous increase in gaseous pressure in the cells was observed without the recombinant catalyst, the cells with the recombinant catalyst registered a decline in gaseous pressure subsequent to the onset of hydrogen–oxygen recombination. The battery showed little decay in its capacity during its life-cycle tests conducted at C/5 rate at 25C. The battery performance is superior to its conventional vented-counterpart.

pdf.png Edison patent Download
Language  EnglishAuthor Edison

Het patent van de Edison NiFe accu

pdf.png Some Nickel-Iron, and Nickel-Metal Hydride, Cell Cycling Results Download
Language  EnglishAuthor Brian J.Dougherty, Francis L.Tanzella

Some cycling experiments were performed on two kinds of cells: Nickel-Iron and Nickel-Metal-Hydride. A nominal 200 Ampere-hour Nickel-Iron battery was   obtained  from Eagle-Picher, Inc. and its initial  capacity  was  determined by cycling at the manufacturer's recommended regime.

pdf.png How to convert a Lead Acid Battery into an Alkaline Battery Download
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I consider this FRINGE information. I have not tested this but I saw a few convincing youtube videos so I am throwing this in for fun.