pdf.png Aerodynamic forces on a yawed wind turbine rotor Download
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Global Energy Concepts, LLC

• This work has grown out of studies by Kamzin Technology (now GEC) on behalf of Windlite.
• It was also influenced by studies of the mechanics of teetering rotors.
• The forces from the tail vane and from the eccentricity of the thrust are not the only forces affecting the yawed equilibrium.
• the subsequent slides discuss the relevant aerodynamic forces on the yawed rotor.

pdf.png An Adaptive Control For Wind Turbine Download
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In this paper, an adaptive control is proposed to maximize the energy conversion for a wind turbine driven by a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Inverter. This paper focuses on the optimization of the current loops of the  machine. Two different strategies of wind turbine management have been tested in steady and transient state (with the variation of the load). The principle of the optimization consists of minimizing Joule losses in PWM and Generator. The second strategy (adaptive) is implemented with successful results.

pdf.png Research and Development of Wind Turbine Control Download
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King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology North Bangkok


Bunlung Neammanee*
Somporn Sirisumrannukul *
Somchai Chatratana**

pdf.png Soft stall controll versus furling control Download
Language  EnglishAuthor E. Muljadi, T. Forsyth, C.P. Butterfield
Onderzoek naar verschil tussen soft stall en furling control